The C2 Contracting Company has a team of inhouse designers and outside partners to bring the client’s vision to life. We can quickly create conceptual layouts, floor plans, 3D renderings and design consultants to push the clients design schedule.


The C2 contracting Company has self performance abilities in key trades which we implement  by deploying any of the skilled tradesman we have, to perform the following trades:

  • Drywall

  • Rough Carpentry

  • Paint




We work with investors and developers as equity partners to move projects from acquisition to a premium real estate sale.


Our added value is in our ability to reduce soft costs by performing and overseeing the Design, construction cost assessment, construct-ability and out sale review analysis on the project.

We can work as consultants, Sweat equity partners, or full partners on commercial and residential projects.


We welcome the opportunity to discuss a partnership with you.